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In-kind donations

logo Google Ad Grants Les Ateliers Ouverts benefits from the Google Ad Grants program. The Google Ad Grants program supports charitable nonprofit organizations, most of which share Google's philosophy of community service and work in the following areas: science and technology, education, global public health, environment, youth support programs, art and culture. Google Ad Grants is an advertising program that provides in-kind donations to charities in the form of free online advertisements on Google search results pages. Thanks to Google for its support.

logo Facebook We can collect donations directly on our Facebook page. Facebook pays us all the donations without taking any commission. Thanks to Facebook for this support.

Kaimus Ltd Rwanda Kaimus Ltd The company Kaimus Ltd based in Rwanda takes care of the hosting of the association's site as well as the maintenance of the site free of charge. Thanks to Kaimus Ltd for their support.

Website: Kaimus Ltd

Contact whatsApp +250 737 478 373 +250 737 478 373

Global Environnement Gabon
Global Environnement Gabon (GEG) is an environmental study and expertise firm created in 2009 in Gabon whose slogan is "Moving mountains while preserving the environment"
Global Environnement Gabon graciously provides us with its expertise, guides us in the best practice of waste management.
Global environment Gabon supervises our future composting workshops in Rwanda, to do this the firm prepares training modules for stakeholders and the population and provides us with training.
THANK YOU to Mr. ILOUMBI, manager of GEG, who gives us a lot of his time.
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Contacter Global Environnement Gabon:
Contact whatsApp +241 77 16 70 43 +241 77 16 70 43 ☎ : +241 77 16 70 43 ✉ :